Meet Your Locals! (Part One)

If you follow us on Facebook, you must have already seen the project we have started recently, called 'Meet Your Locals'. It is a kind of a photography based documentary of the people who skate, ride BMXs or whatever else. What we want to do with these pictures is to promote this awesome culture and give everyone the opportunity to get to know the people who are a big part of it.

This post features only nine of them, but more pictures are to follow. Stay tuned!


Guys as they follow and their Instagram accounts:

Sandu Lupașcu (@sandulupascu)

Jenya Syslik (@syslik47)

Sandu Țurcan (@burju1)

Rafael Bobeica (@rafaelbobeica)

Gabi Țurcan (@meekkss)

Nick Cerescu

Mihai Leancă (@leanca011)

Alex Burger (@alexdungher)

Kolya Loshak